The Rapacious Harbinger of Those That Crawl

Daybreak Caste Abyssal


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Known to most simply as The Rapacious Harbinger, the Daybreak caste called The Rapacious Harbinger of Those That Crawl is the other half of The Mask of Winters home guard. Along with his partner Nightmare of Fallen Kings, The Rapacious Harbinger ensures that The Mask of Winters interests are looked after within the shadowland of Thorns. No one save perhaps The Mask of Winters himself knows exactly what the Rapacious Harbinger looks like beneath his wraith-like black shrouds and Soulsteel breastplate, but any who have spoken to him can attest that he speaks in a hissing whisper that sounds like a thousand hushed voices speaking in unison. The Rapacious Harbinger is known to be a powerful sorcerer and necromancer, and has been seen using spells of both the Celestial and Labyrinth circles. He is also known to be a cunning martial artist, and adept archer.

The Rapacious Harbinger of Those That Crawl

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