Lord Malith

A Terrestrial God from the island of Sib


Lord Malith is a Terrestrial God who watches over the tiny island of Sib in The Neck. Once benevolent, Lord Malith began to demand more and more from the islanders of Sib, finally demanding a young maiden to be sacrificed to him each year. Each of these maidens lived with him for just under a year before being trapped in crystal to forever display their beauty in his gallery. After several years of these sacrifices, the younger brother of the latest sacrifice-to-be brought the PCs to the island to help. After attempting to remind Lord Malith of his role in the Celestial Order, the characters were forced to fight Lord Malith, who ultimately surrendered. Lord Malith asked only that an offering of fish be left at the entrance to his Sanctum once a month, and that a festival be held in his name once a year by the islanders. The eldest of the maidens (having been released from their prisons) agreed to these terms on behalf of the villagers and the accord was sealed by the party’s Eclipse.

Lord Malith looks like a tall, attractive man with light blue skin and long black hair. His eyes are the color of the tropical ocean, and he bears gills along his jawline. His teeth are in rows, and sharply serrated, like those of a shark. His robes are light and ripple like the ocean, their color ripples with them shifting in a rainbow of hues. Beneath his robes he carries two swords, which resemble large cleavers made of polished coral.

Lord Malith’s Sanctum appears as a sumptuous home with several rooms, the walls, floor and ceilings of which appear to be carved of mother of pearl. The entrance to the sanctum is a tidal pool, accessible only at low tide. The pool is deep blue and the bottom can not be seen although it is only about a foot deep. The entire pool is rimmed with mother of pearl, giving it the appearance of a giant abalone set into the stone and sand.

Lord Malith

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