Shadow of the Setting Sun

Omens in Coral

After spending the night celebrating with the villagers, the characters decide in the morning that they need to head somewhere new now that the storm has passed. One of the villagers offers to take them on his ship as far north as the Coral Archipelago, or as far south as the Wavecrest Archipelago. Deciding that they will be safer in a country that is not friendly to The Realm the group opts to head north to the Coral Archipelago. The group piles into the merchant ship and heads north. They are stopped several times by Coral pirates and the captain has to show his certificate of passage.

Arriving in Coral the group checks into hotels and then splits up to take care of their own business. Lukela Maite` disguises herself as a Sijanese apprentice exorcist and heads out with Phineas Poch, while Darian-Rashad Arbani heads to the trade district, and Gwyn Branson heads to a local flower shop to speak to her superiors in the White Veil Society.

Darian-Rashad sets out to the trade district, where he uses Speed the Wheels to get an appointment with the Coral Navy Under-Secretary of Acquisitions, with whom he set up a trade agreement with the Arbani family to provide firewand shipments to the Coral Navy. After returning to his hotel and going to sleep for the night he dreams of a great battle, and a golden tomb on a moving island.

Gwyn Branson heads to a local flower shop where, after proving herself as a member, she is shown to a hidden basement which the White Veil Society operates out of. She receives a contract on a minor dignitary, and heads to intercept him at his favorite tea shop. While he sits sipping tea, her coral snake familiar, Sven, strikes the dignitary in the spine, killing him in less than a minute. Gwyn attends to him, using her medicine skill to pretend she is trying to save him. She claims that the tea must have been poisoned, and the shopkeeper hurries to throw the rest out before someone drinks it, while she slips away back to her hotel.

Meanwhile Phineas and Lukela attempt to drum up business and run across a raving, drunken old man who assails them with rants about his missed opportunity to be rich, because the island containing the riches isn’t where he left it. With a VERY high lore roll, Phineas remembers having heard rumors of an island north of the Coral Archipelago full of riches, that appears from time to time in different locations, but can never be found by the same person twice.



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