Shadow of the Setting Sun

A Fortuitous Meeting

Fleeing westward from the Wyld Hunt, the Sijanese exorcist Phineas Poch and his traveling companion, the White Veil assassin Gwyn Branson arrive on the island of Ragara’s Rest. Upon arrival the pair checks into a hotel, noting that the master suite is the only other room rented out by the missing key on the hooks behind the desk in the lobby.

Thinking themselves momentarily safe, the pair heads to the beach to relax, and finds Darian-Rashad Arbani was way ahead of them. The Arbani family trade prince has already found the best spot and lies, sunbathing with his pet 8-Tailed Mole Hound, Dusty. After a brief introduction the group heads back to the hotel for lunch, and is told about the 1st Age ruins on the far side of the island. After eating the group decides to set out for the ruins and with s bit of investigation, discovers the ruins, which at first appear nothing more than a solar calendar, are actually the entrance to the tomb of a 1st Age Solar named Uwei Shaan. The group decides that the tomb is more than likely to dangerous to explore, and chooses to keep its existence secret to prevent would-be tomb robbers from meeting a grisly fate. Upon returning the group has dinner and then retires to their respective rooms for the night.



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